Monday, December 12, 2011

Rollin' With It

It's finals week and I have three more days to go. Monday was day one, and considering how I figured things were going to go, it went very well. I could totally tell I studied when the exam was presented to me. Feeling good right now, hope it means I'll get a good grade. I rewarded myself by taking the rest of the day off so I could write this blog and then get some revision done. When this week is over, and it's Sunday, I will sit in front of the tube watching football, beer in my hand while smoking a cigar.

Anyway, this isn't what I came here to write about. I wanted to write about something I'm sure many guys think about, women. Yes, for the ladies reading this (if there are any) this weird nerd is gonna talk about women and my experience with them. Should I tread lightly? I'm leaning a little more to yes because most of the people I spend time with are women. Buuuuuut, I do want to poke a little fun, because understanding women is something guys like to make fun of.

But all fun and jokes aside, women don't need to be understood, just loved. I love women, I love being around them, I love their company, they are pleasing to look at (give me a woman with great hair and eyes and I'm sold), I could go on and on about why I love women. Naturally, being the youngest of three boys and being mostly raised by my mother, I tend to get along better with women than guys.

I'm a pretty unconventional guy. I don't fit in with the social norm, and I really think outside the box. I had a co-worker say that spending time with me is like flipping through channels on TV. I took it as a bit of a compliment, I pride myself on being different. I like to make things fun by messing around, if you can't have fun while doing something, then what is the point of doing it at all? However, that doesn't mean I don't take things seriously. When I get into a state of mind where I'm really focused on what I'm doing or deep in thought, I've had people look at me weird and ask if I'm upset (which I'm not, it's just all the noise I usually make is going on inside my noggin).

For the past four years or so, I've had the privileged, joyful, irritating, and confusing honor of working with mostly women. I worked a summer gig after my first job ended where all the girls (there were about three other dudes that worked there, all much younger than I) were young (17-21, a couple older ladies), wore really short shorts, and were all hot.

Carol's Corner Summer 2011

To say those five months was a learning experience would be an understatement, it was a very interesting and fun time in my life. The girls were fun to be around, getting the chance to socialize and enjoy a good conversation. It was fun to listen to them talk about this or that and understand where some of their perspectives were, and how they thought about things. Of course, every woman is different, so I had to manage how I behaved to get along with some(which sucked), but I was curious about learning what I could.

As the summer wound down and college picked up and my job came to a close. I got a job at Brownstone where I, once again, work with mostly women. College has a been the biggest impact on my interaction with woman so far yet. I had one a I liked, or thought I did, a lot. I wasted a lot of time getting hung up on about one or two features she had that I also had and got carried away to the point where I was about head over heels for her. I learned to express my feelings and channel my emotions on how I felt about her. But when I told her how I felt, I was told she didn't feel the same, which hurt, but I've picked myself up since then and became a bit stronger.

So turn back to Brownstone, since that murky mess with my college classmate has ended (thank God!), I've been given the pleasure of standing back, and observing women. Some of the women at work think I'm weird but that's nothing new (how many times does a guy have to be told this before they understand that he understands this?). I've just been interested in getting to know women and developing a talking relationship, if not a possible friendship. I've developed a more objective view if you will. Still, I sometimes get the feeling that some women get weirded out by me, but maybe I'm just over thinking things.

So let's wrap this up. Woman are great, they are confusing, and they're extremely different than guys. But that's okay, who would want to date a woman that acted like a dude anyway? What have I learned about women? They're emotional, they're sometimes moody (who isn't though?), some are shallow, others are self-absorbed, others are quiet and inquisitive, others are outgoing and wacky, some are extremely perverted (which is really fun if you can get in on the jokes), others are really serious, and others are weird. What makes women tick? I don't know, sometimes I wonder if they do either. I confuse myself with some of the congested thoughts going through my head, along with my inner motives and desires. Best thing I can tell myself about women is this: roll with it, if a woman is going to judge me on who I am on how I act, then they don't deserve to see the tender side I carry within. But at the very least, I'll enjoy the time I have being around the women who can carry a conversation and can embrace being weird. Those women are waaaaay cool.

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