Thursday, March 29, 2012

March and #Writemotivation Wrap-up

I discovered (pleasantly I might add) that I have the evening off so I figured one thing I could do was type up a quick blog post. I don't know how often I'll be able to blog while college is in its zenith, so this might be the last post until college wraps up on May 4th.

First thing, I have been accepted to the University of Southern Indiana (USI). Been trying to get all my ducks lined up so I can attend this coming fall, in addition to extra homework (papers basically) from Ivy Tech along with working everyday has made things extremely hectic and stressful. I'm trying to get everything USI requires of me (signing up for housing, immunizations, tax transcripts, verification worksheet, etc.) done so I can enjoy summer while forgetting I have plenty of time to get everything done. I mean, orientation for USI (where I'll sign up for classes) isn't until June 1st. I can't except any loans offered to pay tuition until after July 1st. Just gotta remember to breathe.

In other news, I finally finished Hitler: A Study in Tyranny. I'd been reading this book for about two months. It was far different than reading fiction. Thirty pages of reading was really diving into the material, to understand everything I read. Non-fiction is usually like this for me anyway, but when half of the book is about politics, it takes extra effort to understand everything. Eight-hundred pages later, I realize Hitler was a genius, but downright evil and insane. He knew how to appeal to the masses, to touch on the heartbeat of the German people who hated the Treaty of Versailles the Republic had signed at the end of World War I. It was the foundation which Hitler used to rise to power. I can only imagine what Hitler could've accomplished if he had hammered Britain into defeat rather than concerning himself with Russia and then the U.S.A. after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. After that, (wars on three fronts) it's not hard to see why Germany collapsed.

Also wrapped up The Green Mile. I've read the book before, but it was fun to read it and analyze the structure. Currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Very interesting so far. The writing is very straight forward. It's a no bullshit kind of approach which is refreshing considering the past two books I've read. I love Stephen King, but sometimes he can get carried away with words, something I'm guilty of doing myself.

Speaking of which, I finished applying KT's critiques to short story White Haze and was able to trim off six pages. I plan to go back and read through it again to make sure everything flows. Working on the story has changed how I look at writing. In addition to reading American Gods, I'm learning the importance of saying something once and moving on. Funny how things hit you. But hey, at least I'm learning.

With White Haze taken care of, I'll be able to return my attention to my first WiP horror novel. Something I'm very much looking forward to because I have some fresh ideas I want to apply. I plan to plot the story (something I never did when writing the first draft) and develop the story from there. Not sure how long this will take, the novel is kinda like unkempt hair that you're trying to comb. With 30 hr work weeks and college still going strong for another month, time will be limited. In addition, with the weather getting warmer, I'd like to ride my bike more often. The last day it was eighty out here, I surprised myself with a healthy six/seven mile bike ride and I felt great after it too.

That's about it. March has been one hell of a month. I hope everyone has been doing well. I look forward to summer, the end of the current semester, and vacation time.

Keep writing folks!



  1. Congrats on your acceptance to USI! Sounds exciting and best of luck!

  2. Congrats on your choice of a college. Sounds like you've got a busy lifestyle there. Don't forget to take time to enjoy it all and good luck.

  3. You trimmed of SIX pages? That's awesome :D I'm so proud of you and happy that the crit helped.
    I'm glad to see your #writemotivation is still going well :D