Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#Writemotivation Check-In

I had plans to get to this sooner, but it seems life had other plans for me. I actually intended to write this post yesterday, but I ended up having a massive writing purge. So, after another busy day, here I am, typing up this post.

#Writemotivation month has started, I've been cheering as many as I can, and I have been cheered on very well so far. To those of you who are reading this and gave me #writemotivation (especially yesterday), THANK YOU! I would've stopped at 6,400 words if I hadn't gotten the push to go for more. So, getting into the first full week of March, my goals are few, and relatively simple, but something I really want to accomplish.

1. Finish first draft of current WiP
2. Apply critiques from KT Hanna to short story White Haze
3. Get back to shelved WiP

Working on the current WiP has been tough, even with taking notes, plotting and rethinking details. The story is extremely complex with characters, details to remember, parts to keep in line, knowing what to reveal at certain points, and even dialogue. But this is the case for any novel, and going through the labor pains is really more an exercise of learning. And working on a novel, along with revising one, is extremely humbling because it makes me remember that it hasn't even been a year since I made the decision to make writing a career.

I'm proud to say those down moments where I think the current WiP isn't as good as I thought and causes me to bog down, don't effect as much as they use to. I just remember: You're writing a novel, this isn't easy, you're going to have struggles, getting through it will make you a better writer. 

The only way to be a better writer is to constantly write and read. Working through the low points are the times where you're challenged to rise to a new level. Of course, there's also revision. That's a different beast altogether, one that can seriously kick my butt if I'm not paying attention, but what I learn is priceless.

Determination, Vigilance, and hard work will reward in the end!

How's the writing coming along for you?

Here's some #writemotivation for ya! :D



  1. You're doing awesome with #writemotivation! Saldy, I'm not getting as much fiction writing done as I want to, and I need to do some major brainstorming this weekend . . .

  2. I, too, am not getting done as much as I want, but hope to change that soon.

  3. I'm really happy to see it's working for you.

  4. Overcoming those "down moments" as you say can sometimes be one of the most important things for us to learn as writers. I'm happy to hear that you've already begun the task of defeating them. Keep it up!

  5. You're writing a novel, this isn't easy, you're going to have struggles, getting through it will make you a better writer.

    This is a very good point and one I needed to hear this week. It's so easy to get frustrated and be hard on ourselves and forget that this is work.

    1. Sometimes when you are struggling with writing, your brain is working on the issue without telling you!

      You have a great attitude for success!