Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've Been Tagged!

There's a question bug running a muck in the blogs and I've been bitten! :D Vicki Orians, Elizabeth Twist, and Misha Gericke have all tagged me with questions to answer. So here they are.

1. What two characters would you like to see battle each other?
I had this debate with my buddy the other day. Terminator vs. Rambo.

2. Who is your greatest inspiration?
Stephen King. I love his ability to produce books at the rate he does, and just the overall good guy he is.

3. If you could change places with any book character, who would it be and why?
This will probably sound rather generic but I'd trade places with Harry Potter. I'd love to be able to fly on a broom, be able to use magic, and to just live in a fantasy world. What an eye opening experience that would be.

4. Sum up your current WiP in one sentence.
Oh my... A story about broken friendship, love, drugs, secrets, the future, idealism, and how happenings ran away from in the past catch up in the end.

5. Are you a plot-driven writer or a character-driven writer?
Character driven

6. What is your biggest fear?
To be stranded in the middle of the ocean. Ever seen Open Water?

7. When you walk into a book store, where do you go first?
Don't usually go to bookstores actually. But I tend to hang around the fantasy and sci-fi area when I do.

8. Cats or dogs?

9. You've just been placed in the Witness Protection Program. What's your alias?
Formunda Muballs

10. Would you rather live in outer space or under the sea? Why?
Under the sea. Ever played Bioshock? It would be such a surreal experience. Plus, I have this feeling that if people were to live in space, we would gradually lose our humanity. At least if I'm under water, I'm still on the planet.

11. If you HAD to lose one of your senses, which one would you choose to live without?
The ability to smell. I couldn't handle not being able to see, taste, touch, or hear.

Set 2

1. Do you believe in fate?

Not really, I believe there is certain way things are meant to go, but I also believe we are makers of our own lives. However, in no way, do I believe that we are condemned to live out a certain lifestyle because it has been all "preplanned" in the grand scheme of things.

2. How the heck do you write and have a life? 
Good question. Determination I suppose. 

3. If you were in a written story, which character trope would you most likely have followed? 
 The trope of the overly sensitive guy with slight issues in showing/expressing his emotions. The guy who could never make the first move on girls.

4. Sweet or Savory?

5. What's your big dream? 
To become a writer and do it for a living. 

6. Fondest memory? 
Probably the all expenses paid week vacation to Disney World when I was seven or so. That was soooooo much fun.

7. What's your biggest wish? (world peace does not count)
That people will get some common sense and understanding and allow equality for all and accept others despite their differences. 

8. Would you rather have an exciting life and be alone or find the great love of your life and live a relatively normal one? 
Both are extremely interesting and tempting. But I would rather meet the love of my life and live a normal life. Having an adventurous life would be great, but I get that when I write.

9. Have you ever done something, only to realize a half a second later that you made a mistake? 
Sure, quite a few times as of late too. But it's how we learn. I'm doing what I can to be a better person from it. 

10. Did you try to go back and fix it, or did you follow through?
I've followed through a few times, but the method leaves people slighted. It's always better to mend, it shows people you care.

11. Do you edit while writing or after the draft is done? 
With my current novel, I tried to edit while I was going (as in review last written segment then writing), but it doubles the amount of time on the story and distracts me to the developing plot. Gotta do it after I'm done with the first draft. 

Set 3 

1. What are you reading?
Reading two books: Hitler: A Study in Tyranny and The Green Mile

2. What is your favourite creative activity that is not writing?

Spending time with my friends.

3. Where or how do you get your best ideas?
My best ideas simply come to me, and they don't leave. Most times, I'm so picky about how I present the idea I rewrite it in two, three, sometimes four different variations of similar stories.

4. If you could magically and painlessly change one thing about your mind or body, what would it be, if anything?
I'd choose not to be quite so hairy.

5. What's the scariest movie, story, novel, or scene you can recall?
Movie: The Ring -- Novel: The Exorcist -- Story: 1922 (From Full Dark No Stars)

6. What's the weirdest thing you believe?
That's a rather subject question, If it's something we believe, it's something we usually don't find to be weird to us, even if it is to others. Don't have an answer for this one.

7. Super strength or super intelligence?
Intelligence is strength. Super intelligence.

8. You're granted the ability to become invisible. Where do you go and what do you do? (Bonus question: are you wearing clothes? I mean, what about YOUR becoming invisible makes your clothes invisible too? This has always bothered me.)
First, I probably wouldn't have clothes, I hope it's summer. There are so many places I would go and do. But I think on a basic level, I'd just wander around, seeing the people I know and watching them how they go about their day (I like to people watch). And then pick on others for fun.

9. What one change do you think would have the most positive impact on the world as a whole?

10. What is the crappiest advice you've ever been given?
I had texted a girl I knew from high school and when she didn't reply, a former co-worker and told me: "Say you heard from someone she had contracted some kind of STD." It was in a small town by the way.

11. What's your favourite song right now?
I'm really digging Xtal by Aphex Twin right now.

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6.) What is your biggest pet peeve?
7.) Favorite Season?
8.) What was the first book you simply could not put down?
9.) If could time travel (without the ability to influence the past), what time period would you visit?
10.) Would you live on the moon or Mars if ever given a chance? Why or why not?
11.) What is the biggest thing that scares you?


  1. I love Stephen King too, but I was quite late getting to him. A few years back I read Stephen King On Writing and then I was hooked!

    So far I've read The Green Mile and Misery (scared me so much!) and started on Full Dark, No Stars. Always on the lookout for his books in our local 2nd hand bookshop.

  2. Hahahaha well played. I shall answer your questions on Monday. :-)

  3. Thanks for answering my questions! It was fun learning more about you. :)

  4. Good answers. This is fun! New follower from the Campaign!

  5. Hi, I'm another follower from the campaign. I'm planning to read more Stephen King, but it's hard to know where to start! I've read Christine, Bag of Bones, On Writing and Full Dark No Stars, and going to read the new one after my wife. I like the sound of your WIP!

  6. Sorry for taking so long to answer your questions. Here is my response as well as my responses to several others.

  7. This was great. I'm popping over from the Platform Building Campaign. I look forward to getting to know you and your work. ~Cheers